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Ger Xiong

Ger Xiong

Ger Xiong is the Finance Director for Xapphire LLC and a Business Development Specialist at Advocap, Inc. She holds a BS in Finance from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. Her expertise includes budget administration, cash flow optimization, P&L Management, providing individualized business development training, ongoing technical assistance, and personal and professional financial literacy training.
She has helped clients overcome financial barriers and provided a foundation for business development. As part of Advocap, Ger also provides assistance in applying for
micro-loans to facilitate essential start-up and expansion costs.

Tiffani Yang

Tiffani Yang is a vocal performer and undergrad student at Columbia College in Chicago, IL. Her practice of music and art allows her to understand current and future artists. She believes that fine arts provides an avenue for creativity and a clear understanding to different cultures and beliefs for both parents and adolescents. She encourages musicians and artists to discover their inner self, reach for the stars and showcase their artistic abilities. As a second generation Hmong Asian American born and raised in the United States, she hopes to help NIAM bridge the generational and cultural gap through music and art.

Chao Thao

Chao Thao is a registered nurse, a mother of five, a wife, and a community activist for 20+ years. She started her career in 1999 as a medical assistant and later became the Center Manager for Planned Parenthood. She has successfully ran her own daycare business for 10+ years; partnered/co-owned, managed and directed her a home health care agency that provides assistance for the disabled and elderly. Chao holds an ADN from Bryant & Stratton College. Her education and experience has allowed her to support multiple community-based organizations and improve the livelihood of community members and leaders.

Sunstar Moukongmeng Vue

Sunstar Moukongmeng Vue is a doctoral student in the Information Studies program at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. His research interests are in information retrieval, mobile technology, emerging technology, social commerce, Hmong, digital divide, and digital libraries. He received a B.A. in Sociology from the University of Washington. Vue furthered his education at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee where he received the following degrees: B.S. in Information Science & Technology, M.S. in Information Science & Technology, and M.S. in Library & Information Science. He is an Advanced Opportunity Program Fellowship recipient and an instructor at the School of Information Studies.

Nkauxue Lo Director of Operations

Before joining NIAM, Nkauxue Lo worked along organizations that helped underserved communities and promoted healthy living. Some of these organizations include UC Davis Health Human Resources, Froedtert and the Medical College of Wisconsin, Southeast Asian Educational Development, and Milwaukee Health Services. Nkauxue was a former WI Nurse Aide before completing her B.S. in Health Care Administration, Business Minor, and Hmong Diaspora Certificate at the University of Wisconsin—Milwaukee. Continuing her education, Nkauxue completed her Master of Science in Health Informatics at the University of California—Davis.

Mai Xiong

Mai Xiong is a real estate & business investor. He brings to NIAM 16+ years of experience working in organizations such as MAXIMUS and Wisconsin Works (W2) Programs within Milwaukee. Mai holds an AAS in Business Management from the Milwaukee Area Technical College. His outstanding performance as project and operations manager allows him to guide NIAM through team building, process analysis, strategic planning, process development, program management, process
improvement, relationship or client management, financial management, and performance management.

Joseph Taylor
Board Auditor

With over 25+ years of experience in management and leadership for non-profit and profit companies, Joseph Taylor successfully designed and implemented programs to improve underserved communities through
initiatives such as the Learnfare, Wisconsin Works, and Food Stamp Employment & Training programs. He served as leadership mentor for an employment and training program in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) that focused on soft skills development and employment readiness preparation of Saudi nationals designed to improve employability, retention, and career selection/development.

Mai Xiong
Marketing & IT Consultant

At the age of 12, Mai started her first job at as a web intern. She graduate from the College for Creative Studies with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Mai manages several web properties for small and large scale businesses. She has worked for brands including P&G, Pampers, Sam’s Club and Walmart. Mai is the founder of Mai&Co, a lifestyle apparel brand inspired by Hmong traditional clothing and textiles. An artist, marketing expert and front-end developer, her level of expertise, creativity and experience is invaluable.

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